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Remote Area Location

Remote Area Location

Although booking shipment to a remote area is possible,  it is more complex than standard shipment. It is because it is not close to any larger city or any other point, where local depots of shipment companies are located.

For this reason, shipment companies take additional charges to bear the charges. World India Express is proficient to deliver goods to even remote areas that include islands, ski resorts, suburbs, small towns, places that are neither highly populated and are not easy to access.

At World India Express, final quote is provided for your shipment so that the customer is aware of the additional charges that incur. Further, we ensure that you get the lowest prices for the selected routes by collaborating with many international courier companies that offer coverage to distant places. However, unlike standard shipment, fast shipment may not be possible in such areas.

In the majority of cases, the parcel is picked up from the nearest depot of your address from where you can easily pick up your parcel; however, door-to-door delivery is also possible, in which extra charges might occur. It is advised to contact us for detailed information in case of remote areas.



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