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Duty & Taxes

Duty & Taxes

Taxes and Duties: International Mail and Freight Transportation advice for life.

Whether you plan to export goods from India or import anything from overseas, the customs clearance process creates a lot of worries due to strict rules, regulations and formalities. This problem is especially relevant among new visitors, since this field of activity requires more experience, since the field itself is different.

Simply put, customs clearance is the process of a customs authority – a government agency or an agency designated by the legislature of a country. Its main function is not only the collection, but also the coordination of customs duties. Since this process takes place at the entry and exit points of the country, it is important to organize customs clearance and control the flow of goods entering and leaving the country. World India Express will assist you in resolving all issues on your behalf with customs clearance. Take steps to ensure your goods go through smoothly every time. Since our export volume is very large, we cannot cover specific customs policies, but below are some general and helpful tips to help you.



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Debt Calculation:

Whether it is a gift or a commercial shipment, it must go through the import process according to the rules specified in the customs regulations of the destination country. The cargo is issued according to the country of departure: by value and quantity, but not by destination. Cargo carrying cargo is subject to customs clearance. excise duty or tax levied on goods when they cross international borders.

The calculation of the fees depends on the price of the package. To facilitate the calculation, safe products are assigned a classification code, usually defined as a Harmonized System (HS) code.

The World Customs Organization has noted that this system continues to evolve.

Support for customs fees:

Payment of duties and taxes at destination is usually the responsibility of the buyer, but World India Express offers customers to pay in advance.

In this case, World India Express will charge its customers the applicable duties and taxes and arrange payment on their behalf at their destination with additional handling charges. However, this process may cause a delay in delivery.

Cross-border taxation:

Even when goods cross political borders, taxes and duties are levied (although there are several free trade zones around the world). Tariffs are commonly associated with protectionism, an economic policy that restricts trade between countries.

Goods imported from abroad are subject to high taxes, but sometimes goods exported from the country are also subject to them.

Goods under customs restrictions:

There may be restrictions on the import or export of certain types of goods. These restrictions are subject to local laws and regulations. Customs authorities are required to strictly comply with these rules. In addition, local customs authorities have the right to set their own import and export charges depending on the nature of the cargo.

Although different destinations require different policies regarding domestic and international imports and exports, we recommend that you contact the appropriate customs office where you are looking for a courier to ship to.

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